Inception Gallery

Inception Gallery
67 rue Saint Jacques 75005

Abstract paintings by Anthony Wigglesworth
March 7th - April 1 st 2017

Email :
+33 (0)6 09 66 37 01

What is your motivation to make paintings in the style "Abstract paintings ?

I’m inspired by the flora, fauna and the designs that make up my everyday environment. I’m lucky enough that my studio looks out over the very beautiful south Dublin harbour of Dun Laoghaire. Looking out the studio window it’s hard not to feel inspired by the ever changing color palette of the wide open sea and sky. My work and my color palette is definitely inspired by nature but I’m not trying to create works that mimic the natural world. I’m more interested in creating new scenes within my work. Whether it’s in my ink work or my oils, I always strive to create something completely unique.

Frédéric Alquier Inception Gallery Director